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Daihatsu repair

As a service partner of the Daihatsu brand, Garage Metti Völzer S. à r.l. offers you various individual and tailor-made services. For example, you can benefit from our expertise in repairing damage. You can also entrust us with the care and maintenance of your Daihatsu vehicle and make use of our intelligent maintenance services. With Garage Metti Völzer S. à r.l., you can be sure that you are dealing with an authorised specialist who will take care of your Daihatsu vehicle down to the last detail.


Garage Metti Völzer S. à r.l. has a team of mechanics specialised in the repair of Daihatsu vehicles. With professional measures, your car can quickly return to its dazzling appearance and original performance.

Smart repair

We repair small damages like dents and scratches on your Daihatsu vehicle in the Smart-Repair-Procedure. This avoids rusting, higher costs and loss of value. We are also your partner for stone chip repairs and the replacement of windscreens.

Workshop & maintenance

The garage Metti Völzer S. à r.l. offers you all the guarantees for a reliable and high quality service for all maintenance work in our workshops. Our Daihatsu vehicle experts master all the repair processes of your car according to the instructions of the Japanese manufacturer. We also offer replacement of original Daihatsu parts and accessories.

Accident repair

Regardless of the extent of the damage to your accident vehicle, we offer you a flawless and professional repair, which includes all work down to the smallest detail, so that you feel completely safe again after the accident.

Entrust us with the repair, maintenance and recovery of your Daihatsu vehicle, we offer you reliable services with long guarantees!

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Daihatsu maintenance

At Garage Metti Völzer S. à r.l. you can benefit from tailor-made services in every respect. We offer you high quality maintenance of your Daihatsu vehicle, carried out specifically by Daihatsu specialists. The replacement of damaged parts is carried out exclusively by original Daihatsu parts, which are equipped with all necessary guarantees.

Your advantages in the maintenance of your car by a Daihatsu contract partner:

Daihatsu mechanics are regularly trained in the latest factory recommendations from Daihatsu. As an authorized Daihatsu dealer, we are in control of all repair, maintenance and services for Daihatsu vehicles. Our workshops are also equipped with powerful tools to ensure professional service and maintenance of your Daihatsu vehicle.

Personalized maintenance services

If you entrust your car to an authorized dealer, you benefit from all dealer warranties and professional service. Daihatsu’s specialists offer you a complete and reliable diagnosis of your car. On the basis of the results, we offer you tailor-made solutions at both technical and price aspects. If the replacement of original Daihatsu parts is required, we offer you all Daihatsu brand warranties.

Prices for annual maintenance

If you would like to benefit from a tailor-made service, you can request our price list with all annual maintenance services for the various Daihatsu vehicle models. If you wish a personal consultation, our sales department will provide you with a free and detailed quotation within 24 hours of your request.

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